Adding Onto House Means Mini Split

A few years ago, our acquaintance decided to put an addition onto his house, he and his hubby truly did not need the extra room, but you know how it is, people adore to spend currency when they don’t need to.

Anyway, they got a software program and designed it themselves.

I thought that was so brave and kind of stupid, but they did it anyway, everything was going along fine, and they hired a supplier to do the construction. It wasn’t until the addition was nearly complete that people finally realized there was no plan put in location for heating and cooling for the sizable room they were adding onto the back of the house, and my numerous friends had no system they would have to account for what to do about Heating and Air Conditioning in this good sizable room! That is when they had to call in an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to determine what their openings were. It turned out that the room was so sizable that if they wanted to link it to the central Heating and Air Conditioning, they would need to get a larger unit. In addition, there were no plans for air duct, so accommodations would have to be made for that. Then, the Heating and Air Conditioning guy recommended they might want to try a mini-chop air conditioner unit. At the time, min-chop air conditioner units were still fairly unknown in this area, so they were hesitant. In the end, though, there truly weren’t a lot of sufficient options, so they decided to take a leap of faith and get the mini-chop air conditioner installed above the doorway. It is fabulous! Just goes to show you God takes care of fools.

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