Summers in the south

Living in the south is both nice and horrible all at the same time.

The people are nice, but the weather and the air quality are horrible most of the time.

Especially in the Summer more than anything, you have to crank your central cooling system plan like there’s no tomorrow or you will die. That is how terrible the heat is. I can not even begin to explain how high the electric bills are in the Summer weeks of the year in the south, then not to mention, the Summer weeks and the boiling weather last until almost the end of September! So when the rest of the world is no longer having to use their central cooling system unit, you will still have another 3 weeks of it in the south. If it was not for the kind and appealing people I have come to assume and be friends with here I would leave this venue and never look back. But because of the close friends I have and the great paying job I will be staying in the south for a quite a long time yet. I will just have to deal with the high electric bills from cranking the central cooling system unit. I also will be looking into getting a whole condo air purification plan to help fight the horrible air quality as well, then with a whole condo air purification plan I will be able to scrub the indoor air quality of the horrible air quality that comes in from outside. This is something I will be able to do shortly after the next year.

Whole home air purification