We always seek the hotels with the best HVAC equipment

That has not been our experience.

My wife & I just appreciate everything about traveling. Well, that would be essentially everything. The two of us have consistently been about getting out of the HVAC comfort of our property & out into the world. This is something that is a pretty huge focus of our lives. There was a phase of time where much of our travels were done by airplanes. However now, it’s just not worth all the bother anymore. Much, much easier to drive to where we wish to go. The two of us are awesome road trip buddies so it works out better. The two of us do have a particular rule that states we stay overnight anywhere if we have been driving for longer than 8 hours. Our number one accommodations are most often the hotel chains just off the interstate. The primary reason the people I was with and I go for these sites is because they have reliable HVAC equipment. I said that we truly loved just about everything when it comes to travel. Well, bad HVAC equipment is not something that we are able to tolerate in the slightest. The extravagant hotels just don’t get it accomplished in the HVAC equipment department. You would honestly think that with the prices, a focus would be made on providing great HVAC equipment. That has not been our experience. So, we basically just forgo the downtown type sites whenever possible. Since the two of us have a car on our travels, the location of the extravagant hotels isn’t that pressing. That’s why the two of us prefer finding our overnight stays where the HVAC equipment is one of those massive wall units that can be seen from the outside of the hotel.

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