I need to be able to support my own body weight

For a long time, I liked to say that I was an academic and I never bothered to workout.

I put on weight as I grew older but it didn’t bother me too much.

I recently attended a conference for work and spent the night in a hotel room. Getting out of the shower proved to be a problem. I slipped on the wet floor and fell down hard. I wound up hitting my head and ribs so hard that I needed to be rushed to the hospital. I was frustrated that my accident cost me time, money and was super embarrassing. I realized that if I had been able to catch my own weight in a plank position, I would have been OK. Since I was so weak and out of shape, I ended up really hurting myself and missing quite a bit of work. Since that accident, I have been attending the core progression near me on a regular basis. The gym provides physical training classes led by a certified fitness instructor. The personal trainer is very good at what she does. I am building strength so that I can support my own body weight in various positions. I have become aware of the importance of stretching, maintaining muscle strength and balance. I don’t do any hardcore weight lifting or anything. I have started to jump rope and I run on a treadmill. I feel much better already. All the exercises have been wonderful for my body and health. I am getting so much stronger everyday. Maybe I will eventually workout to target weight loss as well. For now, I am just hopeful that I might be able to hold my own body weight in a plank.

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