I had to get a drip guard to hang underneath my garage mounted air handler

Yesterday it was 100 degrees in the shade.

Despite it being autumn weather in other places in the country, my region is still fully in the grips of hot summer weather.

I got sunburnt while mowing my lawn yesterday, and I was only out for 45 minutes at most. It left a singeing burn on the skin on the back of my neck. The humidity is just otherworldly, especially when the moisture is at 100% for days at a time, even in the afternoon hours. I live in a swamp, making the problem that much worse for my family and I. We use our air conditioner 24 hours a day, at least while it is cycling. Otherwise the interior would get too humid and moldy as a result. Unfortunately, our air conditioner seems to be taking ample abuse these days. It sweats condensation on the metal surfaces of the air handler while it cycles during the hottest periods of the day. Since it is mounted to the ceiling in our garage, this water typically drips onto the concrete floor below and forms a puddle. Since it eventually absorbs into cracks in the floor, I insisted that my HVAC supplier install a drip guard to go under the air handler. It’s a large metal pan that catches any condensation dripping off the air conditioner and sends it down the condensate line where it goes outdoors. I don’t want the air conditioner dripping water constantly on our garage floor, regardless of whether or not it’s made out of concrete. After getting so much repeat exposure, the water starts to slowly soak into the concrete, especially if it has a porous surface.

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