The major question of the year

I listen to a lot of wacky boombox morning shows on our way to work.

It lightens the mood for myself and others every morning since I hate our task & only do it for survival.

This Last yearthey had this segment called the major question of the year. And that question was can you live separate from central heating & A/C. That was the most different question. But it was meant to be odd. The callers calling in were interesting. They were all giving different answers on if they could or couldn’t live separate from central heating & A/C. A few that said they could were coming up with all these silly invention category ideas on how to make your own central heating & A/C. While others were saying they would just stock up on portable space furnaces & portable A/Cs. It was the most unproper thing I ever heard on the boombox morning show in ages. It was quite entertaining to be honest. I arrived at labor after this & I had thought about that wacky question seriously myself, however could I personally live separate from central heating & A/C? In short, yup I truly could for the easy fact of not having central heating & A/C when I was growing up. The people I was with and I had window A/Cs & gas gas furnaces. They didn’t say anything in the question about not having any heating or air conditioning. The trick question was central heating & A/C only! Clever little devils these morning show hosts!


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