Replacing our filter immediately improved our air conditioner performance

I have been dealing with car troubles over the past few months.

  • It started with a cracked radiator that kept leaking antifreeze until the temperature gauge on the car would climb.

The engine started to smoke as well as I had to pull off onto the side of the interstate. I was lucky that I got the engine off before anything was permanently mangled. Even after getting a new radiator, our car troubles were far from over. I had to get a new catalytic converter installed after the aged a single started to fail as well as choke out the car’s exhaust. It had the effect of putting resistance on the engine as you’d try to accelerate, which at the time had myself and others thinking I had a faulty transmission. A catalytic converter is a fraction of the cost of a transmission, so I was gleeful that solved our consistent engine issues. My air conditioner was giving myself and others similar trouble recently. The strength of the air current leaving the ceiling vents was getting worse. Aside from the air conditioner struggling to keep up, the air wasn’t feeling cool as well as dry. I started to worry as well as believe of every worst case scenario that our mind could come up with. Thankfully, it was something as stupid as well as trivial as having a jammed filter in the air conditioner. There was so much dust in the aged filter that it was suffocating the entire Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. My air conditioner performance went from zero to 100 in minutes after I put in a new filter as well as turned the proposal back on. I’m thankful that a $15 air filter fixed our troubles so I’m not looking at a $150 service bill on something serious.


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