What’s the move now?

My fiance and I have some very sizable decisions to make regarding our Heating & Air Conditioning system coming up soon, however every one of us have been laboring on expanding our family beach house and office area, and the people I was with and I are also going out and adding on a sizable heated and cooled garage. This is a project that we’ve definitely always wanted to do and this year the people I was with and I finally decided to go out and pull the trigger and get it done. It’s been a little bit overwhelming for us. There definitely have been way more decisions to make than the people I was with and I ever originally thought that there would be. This week, the people I was with and I are finally meeting with our chosen Heating & Air Conditioning supplier who came very highly proposed to us by some of our friends. The Heating & Air Conditioning supplier we are hiring talked to us about the strange HVAC possibilities that the people I was with and I had to be able to provide acceptable indoor heating and cooling for our existing square footage and also for our addition. I know every one of us were really happy to talk to the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier that day because the people I was with and I thought that she would try to just tell us the best thing to do and then be done with it right away. Every one of us didn’t guess that she would ever force us to sit down and figure things out for ourselves! She just told us the strange possibilities and then the whole list of pros and cons about each one. She said that one option would be to fully replace our existing Heating & Air Conditioning plan to make it stronger and far more powerful. However my fiance wasn’t interested in that idea, though. She wanted to try and repair and keep using our highly seasoned Heating & Air Conditioning unit.


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