Can’t get husband off the phone

These days, it’s harder and harder to form a real connection with anyone. It feels like people are constantly staring at screens, even when they’re right in front of your face. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to have a conversation with somebody and realized that they didn’t hear a word I was saying because they were too busy checking Instagram and Facebook. I have to admit, this complaint isn’t limited to outsiders. Within my own household, we have plenty of issues with attention spans and electronic overstimulation. My husband is the worst. The other day while I was desperately trying to talk to him about our upcoming heating and cooling repair appointment, it felt like I couldn’t get one moment of his focus. I was trying to talk about our routine air conditioning maintenance job, including the necessity for a HEPA air filter change and an air duct cleaning. My husband refused to even look up from his phone the entire time I was speaking about our mutual air quality control issues. After 10 minutes of frustration, I lost my temper and started yelling about the air conditioning system. That’s when he finally put his phone down and innocently told me that he was looking at smart thermostats to ask the HVAC technician about. Well, I couldn’t be mad that he wanted to improve our temperature control. We wound up installing the brand new smart thermostat during our routine repair service, and I thought that our air conditioning woes were over. Now, there’s a new problem. My husband is obsessed with the smart thermostat app, and he’s more invested in his phone than ever.

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