I thought my partner could use a good UV air purification system

For his birthday this year, I decided to purchase my partner a very different birthday present.

Usually I just take him to lunch and buy him some special craft beers or something similar to that.

This year, he’s been having all kinds of different respiratory concerns here and there. I suppose that his doctor has mentioned the overall importance of having good indoor air quality in our dwelling, and so I talked to our local heating and cooling appliance corporation about it. One of the things that our Heating & Air Conditioning appliance worker told me was that we might want to look into purchasing an air purification appliance for our dwelling. That prompted me to start looking up different air purifiers that would work alongside our existing heating and cooling appliance. From all of the articles that I study on different Heating & Air Conditioning blogs, the best sort of air purification system to get is a UV air purifier. The one I ended up purchasing for my partner is a UV air purification system with a HEPA filter. This UV whole-house air purifier easily kills bacteria and viruses that might otherwise make their way into the ventilation system in our dwelling. The UV light disfigures the RNA and the DNA in the bacteria and viruses. UV light keeps bacteria and viruses from replicating respectfully, effectively killing them. Any other pollutants totally get trapped in the HEPA filter, so the air quality is improved tremendously. I think that having this current UV whole-house air purifier is going to help my partner with his breathing setbacks. Of course, having any kind of air purifier is better than not having anything, but a UV air purification system is certainly the best of all.



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